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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

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The Benefits of

Lead Recycling

Lead recycling

Conserving natural resources

Saving energy

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Supporting a sustainable circular economy

Lead pipe

Lead pipe

Lead pipes are still used in industry today thanks to its malleability, flexibility and resistance to corrosion.


Car wheel

Automotive parts

An estimated 64 million kilos per year of lead is used worldwide in the manufacture of wheel weights.

Lead sheets

Soft lead sheets

Soft, ductile and inert with the added benefit of its density making it an extremely versatile product.

The Process of

Lead Recycling

The lead recycling process involves several steps:


Lead products are collected from homes, businesses and industrial sites.


The collected lead is sorted to separate different grades and remove impurities.


Any contaminants or attachments, such as other metals, debris or oil are removed to ensure pure lead.


Lead is shredded  (making it more energy efficient to melt), melted and purified then poured into ingots ready for repurposing.

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