Unlock the Potential of Sustainable Aluminium Can Recycling

Almost two out of every three aluminium cans in Australia are recycled, with huge benefits to the environment and community. Aluminium doesn’t degrade so it can be recycled infinitely.

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The Benefits of

Aluminium Can Recycling

Aluminium can recycling

Conserving natural resources

Saving energy

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Supporting a sustainable circular economy

Aluminium Scrap We Accept


One of the world’s most recyclable materials.

Aluminium Sheet

New, clean, uncoated, and unpainted sheet without non-metallic items

Aluminium Wheel Rims

Ensure rubber tyres are removed

Engines & Gearboxes

Oil-free irony engine and transmission scrap with minimum 25% aluminium

Aluminium Extrusion

Clean profile extrusions without iron inserts, screws, or foreign materials

Pure Aluminium Wire

Clean, unalloyed wire or cable
without non-metallic items

The Process of

Aluminium Recycling

The aluminium recycling process involves several steps:


Aluminium products, including cans, foil, and household items, are collected from homes, businesses, and industrial sites.


The collected aluminium is sorted to separate different grades and remove impurities.


Any contaminants or attachments, such as plastic coating or steel cords, are removed to ensure pure aluminium.


Pure aluminium is melted down and cast into new products, such as cans or other aluminium items.

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