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Radiator recycling is a vital process in the sustainable management of waste and the conservation of valuable resources.

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The Benefits of

Radiator Recycling

Radiator recycling
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Conserving natural resources

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Saving energy

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Supporting a sustainable circular economy

Other Scrap Metal We Accept



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Copper bright

Candy or #1 Copper

Mask group 4

Copper burnt

Birchcliff or #2 copper


Fridge compressors

The Process of

Radiator Recycling


ollection of old radiators from various sources, including vehicles, heating systems, and industrial equipment. These radiators are then sorted based on their material composition, primarily aluminum, copper and brass.


Once sorted, the radiators undergo decontamination to remove contaminants such as coolant, oil or debris. This ensures the quality of the recovered metals and minimises environmental impact during processing. 


Radiators are shredded or granulated into smaller pieces using specialised equipment. This increases surface area, facilitating efficient separation of different metal components during subsequent processing stages. 

Separation and recovery

Valuable materials are separated and recovered using techniques such as magnetic separation, eddy current separation and density-based separation. These are melted down and refined to produce high-quality recycled materials ready for use in manufacturing processes.

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