fridge compressor RECYCLING

Unlock the Potential of Fridge Compressor Recycling

Almost all of the materials in your refrigerator or freezer can be recycled. This includes the metal cabinet, plastic liner, glass shelves, the refrigerant and oil in the compressor, and the blowing agent contained in polyurethane foam insulation.

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The Benefits of

Fridge Compressor Recycling

Fridge compressor recycling
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Conserving natural resources

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Saving energy

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Supporting a sustainable circular economy

Other Scrap Metal We Accept

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Birchcliff or #2 copper

The Process of

Fridge Compressor Recycling


Fridge compressors are collected from various sources, including households, recycling centres and businesses, and transported to specialised recycling facilities equipped to handle and process them safely.


Refrigerants and oils within the compressors are extracted. These substances are harmful to the environment, and are either recycled separately or disposed of according to environmental regulations to prevent contamination.


Compressors are manually or mechanically dismantled to separate the various components. The dismantled parts, particularly the metal components, are shredded into smaller pieces to facilitate the next stage of processing.

Separation and recovery

Shredded materials undergo separation processes to isolate different metals. The separated metals are then sent to smelting and refining facilities where they are processed into raw materials for new products, completing the recycling loop.

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