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Steel is one of the most sought-after metals on the planet today. Steel recycling is a vital process in the sustainable management of waste and the conservation of valuable resources.

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The Benefits of

Steel Recycling

Steel Recycling
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Conserving natural resources

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Saving energy

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Supporting a sustainable circular economy

Other Scrap Metal We Accept

cable reel

Copper bright

Candy or #1 Copper

Mask group 4

Copper burnt

Birchcliff or #2 copper


Fridge compressors

The Process of

Steel Recycling


Scrap steel is gathered from various sources such as manufacturing facilities, construction sites and end-of-life products.


This scrap undergoes sorting and processing to remove impurities and segregate different grades of steel. Advanced technologies such as magnetic separation and shredding optimise efficiency and quality.


Scrap steel is melted in electric arc furnaces or basic oxygen furnaces, depending on its composition and desired properties.


.Scrap steel is transformed into various products, including beams, pipes, automotive parts and household appliances, among others. These products exhibit the same quality and performance as those made from virgin steel,

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